POLAND has leftist bureaucrat heads exploding all over Europe

On second thought, they’re probably too busy trying to resuscitate the moribund Trump-Russia collusion non-story to even notice the latest cover of Polish magazine, Gazeta Polska. Trump was wildly praised and heralded for the speech he gave in Warsaw, not to mention his decision to send back the Patriot defense missiles that Obama had taken out of Poland.

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  1. The Visegrad Alliance which includes Poland is vital to the survival of Western Civilization and the necessary extinction of the political ideology called “islam”.

  2. Hey BNI, you’re quickly becoming an excellent news source.
    I really like Rush but the best substitute of all time is Mark Steyn, wit enhanced by a patriotic spirit….Great!

  3. Straying a bit I was reading in Brietbart how some supposed muslimah wrote a book on how muslim women can get more satisfaction in the bedroom, (keeping their bits would help for a start … and maybe disgusing themselves as goats or little boys would help too …). This comic was posted https://m.imgur.com/t78mr4z

  4. Sunni Muslim Obama and his partner — Bought and Paid for With Millions of Muslim Oil Money Dollars I LOVE Money a LOT more than I love America — Hillary Clinton, spent 8 long years DESTROYING and BETRAYING America and other Christian countries.

    Thank God that Trump sent back the Patriot defense missiles that TRAITOR, devout Muslim Obama, had taken out of Poland.

  5. Trump looks great on that cover. Its good too see positive things written about this great man instead of vile leftie lies. Cant say it enough I love Trump he makes my day

  6. Isn’t it delicious …. the most conscientious and intellectually tortured liberals (Derschowitz, Maher, etc.) …. are coming around …. to the common sense and dignity …. of an ex-phone installer …. moi …. Phones R Me ?

  7. The distinct advantage Poland has over
    America and Canada and the lethargic
    countries that lucifer soros has destroyed
    with his vault,along with the others for
    various reasons related to clamping down
    on communication streams is this:Having
    an incredibly knowledgeably population on all matters political, with an absolute
    fearless,caring intelligent man who knows
    that only truth will set you free,and knows
    insanity and evil when he sees them.We,
    America,on the other hand have a tough
    mouthed yet cowardice,know-it-all yet
    reading free population that in between
    big high caloric bites lets others do their
    thinking for them and stand behind the
    satanic causes that want them dead.