UK: Muslim women think they were the “victims” of a fake acid attack

BUT IT WAS WATER, NOT ACID! Why is throwing a little water from a passing car at two Muslim bagheads, covered from head to toe in heavy burlap sacks, considered a “fake acid attack?” It was a very hot day, after all. They should have thanked the water throwers for cooling them off.

Independent  Water was thrown at two Muslim women standing outside the Bashir Ahmed Mosque in Southampton in what they thought to be a ‘fake acid attack’ on Tuesday. CCTV footage showed a black car slowing down and throwing water on them before it sped away and both women reacting in horror until they realized they had not been hurt.

Acid attacks on women are a trademark punishment used by Muslim men on women who misbehave, disobey, or dress in an un-Islamic manner.

The police are treating this attack as a “racially” aggravated assault after a string of acid attacks have taken place in the UK, five of which were committed within 90 minutes in London. (What “race” is Islam and why aren’t they considering that this could have been warning by Muslims in the car?)

Police described the women as “understandably shaken” while on Facebook the mosque shared their fears that a subsequent attack could involve acid. It follows a string of acid attacks, including five committed inside 90 minutes in London last week. (But they won’t tell us by whom?)