AUSTRIA: Swimming pool installs “No Groping” and “No Entering Women’s Locker Room” signs targeted at Muslim invaders

An Austrian swimming pool in Perchtoldsdorf, Vienna has decided to address the Muslim rape culture and by posting warning signs targeted at Muslim migrants telling them not to grope women or enter the female changing room.

The SUN (h/t Maurice)  One sign shows a man entering the women’s dressing room with the word “STOP!” and “entry is forbidden in non-designated areas” written next to it. Another sign show a picture of a young teen in a bikini with three hands seemingly wanting to grope her.

It reads “NO!” and explains that “physical contact with other guests is forbidden”.

A public swimming pool in Bornheim, Germany made headlines worldwide when it banned migrant Muslim males because they were caught sexually molesting 4 children, aged 11 to 13.

And while the signs featured English, French and Arabic text, there was no German translation, with the sign clearly not intended for local visitors.

Local citizens and politicians have reacted to the apparent necessity of such signs.

MP Christian Hoebart of the far-right Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), which is opposed to immigration, argued that the signs should not be needed in a “civilised society”.

He wrote: “Is it once again a submission (by our society) for the mass immigration of completely uneducated and culturally alien people?”

Local citizens wrote to the MP that the swimming pool in Perchtoldsdorf was not the only one with such signs, with one saying he has also seen them in the mountain town of Gloggnitz.

It is not the first drastic measure reluctantly taken by Europeans to stop sex attacks in swimming pools.

Last year, teenage girls at German swimming pools were given anti-sex attack press-on tattoos with the word “NO” as a warning for would-be-attackers not to harass them.

In October a gang of Syrian boys as young as seven were arrested for sexually assaulting young girls at a swimming pool in Germany.