Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands Trump’s nominee for religious freedom ambassador, Sam Brownback, be disqualified because of his anti-Islamic positions

The White House announced that Trump had nominated Gov. Sam Brownback (right), the Republican governor of Kansas, as his ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Appointees are expected to promote freedom of religion and conscience as a U.S. foreign policy goal.

Newsweek  As the Republican Governor of Kansas, Brownback signed legislation that banned sharia law from ever being considered in Kansas judicial matters, which actually makes him the perfect candidate for this position.

According to Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), Brownback has a history of “rushing to sign anti-Islam legislation designed to vilify Muslims” and should be barred from holding the post.

“Only under the Trump administration would someone so opposed to the constitutional rights of an American “faith” (death cult) community be appointed to safeguarding international religious freedom,” said Robert McCaw, director of government affairs at CAIR, the biggest Muslim rights pressure group  in the United States.

Brownback came to office in Kansas in 2011. He signed a bill in 2012 to prevent state courts from using “foreign jurisdictions” when making decisions. Opponents dubbed the legislation the “Sharia bill” and said it unfairly targeted Muslims, preventing them from using the Islamic legal code on civil matters such as custody and property.


Kansas became the first U.S. state to withdraw from the federal refugee resettlement program for security reasons in 2016. Brownback’s office said he had not received assurances about the level of vetting of refugees; the governor had said, “If I have to choose between the safety and security of Kansans and the relocation of refugees, I will take action to protect Kansans.” The CAIR said that the move was motivated by “fear of possibly resettling primarily Muslim refugees from Syria in that state.”

Following his nomination, Brownback said he was “honored to serve such an important cause” and that all people ought to have freedom of religion. (As long as it isn’t a theological political system posing as a religion)

One Muslim group was more positive on Brownback’s nomination. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which advocates for a separation of religion and state, says Brownback’s time in Congress and as governor demonstrated a “tireless advocacy for religious liberty.


HALLELUJAH! Sharia Law Killed in Kansas!!!