SHOCKING! Germany actually admits that the Muslim supermarket attacker yelling “Allhu Akbar” was motivated by religion

The Hamburg State Interior Minister, Andy Grote, told reporters: “What we can say at the moment about the perpetrator’s motive is that there’s a link to religious motives, Islamic motives.

Deutsche Welle The Muslim terrorist who stabbed 6 people at a Hamburg supermarket, killing one, was known to authorities as an Islamic extremist but was not considered dangerous. The attacker was a rejected asylum seeker who was waiting for deportation papers, say authorities. They say that “Ahmed A” had “contact with the Islamist jihadist scene” but did nothing to keep an eye on him.

“On the other hand, there is also evidence of mental instability,” said Grote. (Oh, here we go, “mental issues, the favorite Muslim ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card) They also said he is a “known Islamist but not a jihadist.” (There is no such thing as an “Islamist.” It’s a made-up word in the West to distinguish Muslim terrorists from Muslim terrorist wannabes)

The suspect, a 26-year-old who had no identity papers other than a birth certificate showing he was born in the United Arab Emirates. (Since when do “refugees” come from the UAE ?)


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