FED-UP FRENCHMEN build wall around former hotel set to become a Muslim invader welfare center

The wall symbolizes outrage of residents over the government’s failure to even consult them before turning a former hotel into a dumping ground for Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as ‘refugees.’

RT  Local residents in the town of Semeac, southwest France, built the wall around the disused Formule 1 hotel overnight, AFP reported. The wall measures 18 meters (60ft) long and 1.8 meters high (5.9ft).

Laurent Teixeira, a spokesman for the protesters, “Nothing is planned for the migrants’ daily life,” he said, adding that schools and other public services in the small town will be unable to cope with the new arrivals.

The hotel in Semeac, a town of 5,000 people, is one of 62 budget hotels bought by France in order to house asylum seekers currently sleeping rough on the streets of Paris and Calais.

“It’s true that I no longer recognize my own district, and is shocking to exit the metro and be confronted with masses of unemployable young Muslim men milling around the streets,” said a local resident.