ARIZONA: Designated terrorist group CAIR is promoting a fundamentalist Muslim convert for the U.S. Senate

Deedra Abboud, a convert to Islam by marriage, who describes herself as a “proud” Muslim, is a supremacist headbag-wearing lawyer and Muslim community activist in Phoenix. Abboud helped open the Arizona chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in 2003.

Western Journalism(via Truthfeed) There is a very dangerous trend in America, where too many Americans are failing to grasp an understanding of why a theocracy like Islam is totally incompatible with our U.S. Constitution, which will lead to Sharia Law creeping into the American justice system.

Kieth Ellison, D-Minn., became the first Muslim-American to be elected to Congress in 2007 when he was sworn in on a Quran rather than a Bible, as is traditionally done. This should have been a wake-up call for all Americans.

Islam is not a religion in the normal sense and understanding of the term “religion.” Islam is without any debate a theocracy, which is a religion wrapped in a government with its own legal and justice system, both of which are plainly the opposite of the U.S. system of law and justice under the Constitution.

When any candidate takes the oath to serve America on a Quran, they are openly stating that they are loyal first to an alien form of government represented by Islam, and secondarily to the U.S. Constitution. (And you can be sure if she is elected, she will take her oath of office on a quran as the other three Muslims in the U.S. House of Representatives has.

Her Republican opponent (Jeff Flake) apologized to Abboud for the online hate comments she received. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is backing other Republican candidates to primary him.

In a speech Monday at the Democratic Party headquarters in Phoenix, Abboud said she hasn’t been harassed in person while in Arizona, but the online attacks continue.