GRUMPY CAT would like to have a word with you…actually a few words

Many of my loyal BNI readers have been kind enough to send checks by snail mail which I know is a bother compared to simply clicking an online donation service. Your donations make it possible to keep BNI up and running with very little downtime caused by Muslim hackers and the thought police.

Because Paypal suspended the BNI account (likely due to pressure by CAIR), I have not been able to get another donation service, but am still trying. For anyone who doesn’t know, Paypal permanetly suspended the BNI account a few months ago without giving a reason, while holding my balance for 180 days.

Some people have recommended BITCOIN but it seems very complicated to set up and I’m not sure my readers would want to use it. Any thoughts? I tried a few others including Patreon, but because they have been banning sites with anti-Islam content, I figure it would only be a matter of time until they do the same to BNI.

I am deeply grateful for your continuing support and want you to know that 100% of your donation money goes toward maintaining the costly 24/7 security/monitoring systems necessary to keep this blog from being taken down by hackers and groups like CAIR.

Please email me if you need the details for sending a check, money order, or international money order (in US dollars):