Haitian illegals joining mass exodus of Muslim illegal aliens fleeing America for Canada because of Trump’s strict new immigration policies

Sorry Canada, but after all, your bleeding heart Canadian prime minister did invite all of them in. Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been converted into temporary housing for thousands of illegal aliens who are crossing the border into Quebec.

CNN  Olympic Stadium in Montreal has opened its doors as a temporary shelter amid growing numbers of Muslims and now Haitians who’ve fled the United States to seek asylum in Canada. They exited shuttle buses holding their children and belongings as they got in line to enter the building.

In recent months, a soaring number of people have crossed from the United States to Canada. Many have expressed concerns they’ll be deported under President Donald Trump’s policies.

In the first half of 2017, more than 18,000 people sought asylum in Canada, according to government figures. It’s already more than 75% of the total number officials registered last year. Kathleen Weil, Quebec’s minister of immigration, diversity and inclusion, said more than 6,500 asylum-seekers have come to the province from the beginning of year through June 30.

Experts caution it’s not so easy to meet government requirements under Canadian asylum laws and have the chance to stay. Fearing deportation from the United States isn’t enough to make an asylum case in Canada.