The mostly Muslim illegal alien invasion of Canada explodes, thanks to Justin Trudeau’s open border policy

It’s been roughly seven months since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed the world to claim refugee status in Canada. And now, more fake refugees than ever, Muslims and Haitians, are heeding his call. But what do you expect when you have an immigration minister that looks like this:

The Rebel Quebec officials say the province is seeing hundreds of illegal aliens crossing from American into Canada each day! Last Monday, an estimated 500 border jumpers walked into Quebec through one illegal border crossing alone. 
What was just four months ago an intersection marked by a few police cruisers on the Canadian side and a ditch is now laden with enormous, gazebo-styled tents. Inside them: At least triple the police presence, a waiting area has been created to handle the long and constant cue of illegals before they are initially processed in the tents further back by additional RCMP officers.
Canada’s Prime Minister isn’t bothered. Despite calls from various levels of government and police services for more resources, Justin Trudeau says Canada has the capacity to properly process all the illegals currently rushing Canada’s southern border. And Canada’s bleeding heart leftists think it’s all fine and dandy.