I thought Muslims only cut off the hand of someone caught stealing?

Man burned alive after wrongly being accused of stealing speakers from a mosque in Indonesia.

NewMuslimVoice (h/t Edwin B)   Last week, a man in Indonesia was beaten up by a group of people, then burned alive by the crowd after being accused of stealing three sets of loudspeakers from a mosque.

The incident, which happened in Babelan, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, took place right after prayer. But, it was then revealed that the man did not steal the speakers. He was supposed to deliver the speakers to his boss, but did not want to leave them outside with his motorcycle, so he took them inside the mosque with him when he went to pray.

When he walked out with them after the service, he was accused of stealing them, and then killed. The man left behind a wife who is seven months pregnant, and one 5 year old child.