The Jugend Rettet, a German NGO ‘Rescue Boat’ that was seized by Italy is one of many boats funded By George Soros

Reports from Europe are saying that the Italian Coast Guard has seized a migrant rescue boat, supposedly operated by a German NGO in the Mediterranean, which was suspected of aiding the illegal alien Muslim invasion of Europe from Libya.

The Goldwater  Unfortunately for the people of Europe, their globalist owned media refuses criticism of these NGO operations which are funded by globalists like George Soros in order to further the genocide or Europe by flooding it with Muslim freeloaders.

It’s simple, Europeans aren’t armed and by dumbing down the gene pool with various ethnicities it makes them easier to control. That is the plan, that is their endgame.

Prosecutors say that a video filmed of the event displays the ‘Luventa’, which is run by Jugend Rettet, arriving at the island of Lampedusa surrounded by several coastguard vessels after it was stopped at sea before dawn. 

It was the first time Italian police have seized a humanitarian boat. The move came amidst growing suspicion over the role non-governmental organizations are playing in picking up Muslim invaders posing as refugees off the Libya coast and bringing them to Italian ports.

Charity rescue boats, including Doctor’s Without Borders, have refused to sign up to Italy’s migrant rescue code of conduct, which was designed to stop NGOs colluding with people smugglers bringing people to Europe from Africa.

DW  According to the reports, the ship was seized on the order of a prosecutor based in Trapani, Sicily on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration. Jugend Rettet is one of the six out of nine NGOs which refused to sign a new code of conduct by the Italian government covering migrant rescues in the Mediterranean. The Berlin-based organization justified their position by saying that the Code failed to prioritize saving human lives.

This NGO said in a subsequent statement that it would currently no longer be allowed to operate in the Search and Rescue Zone, where Muslim illegals from North Africa have been attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.

Since the beginning of 2014, about 600,000 people mainly from African countries have arrived in Italy via the central Mediterranean route, mainly from Libya. This year, NGO rescue boats saved about a third of the approximately 95,000 people rescued at sea.

On Wednesday, Italy’s parliament authorized a limited naval mission to Libyan waters aimed at supporting the country’s coastguard in the fight against human traffickers who overload unseaworthy boats with paying migrants and send them toward Europe.

Libya descended into political chaos and lawlessness following the Obama/NATO-backed ouster of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. Since then the country has become a haven for human traffickers.

A groundbreaking report from Disobedient Media showed that several NGO fleets busing Muslim illegals into the EU had ties to George Soros as well as Hillary Clinton:

On November 15, 2016 GEFIRA published evidence they had gathered that various NGOs were utilizing a fleet of more than a dozen boats in the Mediterranean to illegally transport Muslim migrants from the North African coast to Italy. 

The Italian coast guard directed ships in the fleet to Libyan territorial waters, where they would engage in “rescue operations” and take Muslim invaders onboard before delivering them to the Sicilian coast of Italy. 

This would allow migrants to bypass Malta, which is used as a major processing center for immigrants and refugees entering the EU. GEFIRA speculated that the Dutch, Maltese and German based NGOs’ facilitation of human smuggling made them, in effect, operations of international criminal organizations.

Information uncovered in an investigation by Disobedient Media has revealed that several of the NGO groups involved with the migrant fleet have received funds from George Soros aligned organizations or financial backers of Hillary Clinton.

NGO group Save the Children operates the Astral in the migrant fleet. Save the Children is supported in part by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Médicins Sans Frontiéres (MSF) also operates several ships in the migrant fleet – the Dignity 1, the Bourbon Argos and the  Aquarius. MSF has also received funding from the Open Society Foundation.

The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Christopher and Regina Catrambone. MOAS operates the ships the Topaz Responder and the Phoenix in the migrant fleet. Mr. Catrambone was listed as a major donor to Hillary Clinton, giving over $416,000 to her presidential campaign bid in 2016.

Even more concerning are recent reports that terror group ISIS has begun to dominate the trafficking networks in North Africa and is actively recruiting members from among the migrant population with promises of small amounts of cash and guaranteed safe passage into the EU.

DW While investigators said they suspected the boat’s crew of committing crimes of “clandestine immigration,” Trapani prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio told reporters that “my personal conviction was that the motive is humanitarian, exclusively humanitarian.” However, he also alleged that there were “contacts, meetings and understandings” between the boat’s crew and the smugglers.

In a series of statements on Twitter, Jugend Rettet refuted reports that its boat, a fishing vessel converted to a rescue boat in May 2016, had been confiscated, tweeting that their boat was stopped in a “standard procedure” and the crew was being interviewed by officials.

Italy, which is facing elections next year, has told its European neighbors it is struggling to deal with the influx of people seeking refuge, but efforts to spread asylum seekers across the EU or stop people embarking on the dangerous Mediterranean crossing have so far largely failed.