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    • She should stick him in the belly with a knife tonight when he is sleeping. HALALLLLALLLALLLALLLALLLALLLALLLAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  1. As many said despite such treatment she will likely defend this scum as well as her horrible Islamic ideology to death like so many others. Someone who believes majority of women under Islam prefer western style husband’s treatment is unfortunately deluded. ‘A man who does not beat his wife is no man’ seems to be their prevailing opinion.

  2. Goodgrief my only question is WHY, why are women muslims? This women is clearly upset, most probably gets a good hiding at home and yet is still a muslim … battered women syndrome no doubt. How do people watch this behaviour and deem it acceptable? Totally sadistic. Those who watch and dont object are as bad as this savage themselves, shame on all feminists and lefties. I feel a bit bad for joking about it below before watching the vid. The joys of Islam

    • Nah she looked at him the wrong way lol. Oooorrrrr he spied a good looking western he wanted, turned and saw what he actually had ie her then bashed her in disgust lol

    • PH: Yes, this woman could very well volunteer for a suicide bombing. Still, she has no choice if she wants to stay alive. Has to follow Pisslam & stay with an abusing asshole. Muslum women can’t get divorced. Unless their families approve, which they rarely do. This woman’s situation makes me feel sick to my stomach. But they defend it.

  3. She appears to have had the sh*t beat out of her for years. But, she’ll defend Islam to her dying breath and would slit our throats in a New York second …

  4. Looks like what some of the “diversity” idiots at Google wold call a moderate muslim. When they do not throw acid or stone women to death – they are being moderate.

  5. Just another filthy muslim beating his filthy muslim wife. how can you have sympathy for these women ? They are the first to spout racism if anyone objects to there treatment from the men of the religion of peace.
    Allah FUBAR.

  6. poor lady. she has obviously been beat by this sewer skum before. i would kill the MFer. one shot right btw. his ugly ass eyes after i beat him in the head with a base ball bat.

      • last one called me stupid regrets that. what is the extent of your psych. background? there is a condition that the abused suffer from. she probably doesn’t know anything else. i bet she has very low self esteem. fears being able to support herself on her own. this is a topic past the ability of this site to debate and obviously past your experience with abuse victims. you truly do not know what she thinks, nor do i. but i do know that this is a topic (battered abuse syndrome i think) that is NOT addressed correctly nor professionally. don’t make me tell you to fuck off. being me though, i will. tell you to fuck off that is.

        • Don’t threaten me, debby. I’m pretty fed up with deleting many of your sewer mouth comments as it is.

          As far as this woman goes, you know nothing about her. She’s a muslim and knew what she was getting into when she married one, probably from experiencing or witnessing the same thing from her father/brothers. She’s not worth your pity. No muslim is.

      • Lol, nice. One thing I love about NYC’ers, nice people but just speak their mind, very different from the South.

  7. I saw this, maybe about a year ago; it so disturbed me that I can’t watch it again. I assumed them muslims, but, despite my general loathing for all things islam, I honestly admit that I felt intense sympathy for the woman. It appeared no one in the coach was going to intervene and throw the violent abuser from the train; going max speed; when crossing a trestle.

  8. Doesn’t matter, all that’s required is for the filthy vile male to decide she needs hitting. Any excuse will do. All muzslime males are putrid evil creatures who need removing, whatever that looks like!!!!!!

  9. She must have burned the toast. Those ragheads are very particular about what others do ….not so much about their own actions

  10. This makes me really angry. Somebody needs to bash that b@sta@rd in the head! Or better yet, kick him in the balls!
    He punched her with all his strength & she was trying not to cry. Then he looks complacent, like a typical abuser. In fact, he looks like he hit her a first time, before the video started, and she is used to it because she kept trying to divert his hands. She’ll end up with CTE or boxers disease from all the blows to the head.
    Being married to a Mohammedan would be a nightmare you never wake up from!

  11. His previous 2 wives died due to them eating poisonous mushrooms!!! This one refused to eat her mushrooms!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂