ISLAMIC JIHADISTS from North Africa storm the beaches of Spain

Tourists and sun worshipers lounging on a Spanish beach were stunned when an inflatable dingy full of illegal alien Muslim invaders washed up on their shore. Looks like the invaders were in too much of hurry to sexually molest the women in bikinis. Give them a few days.

RT  The incident took place yesterday at Los Alemanes beach, just south of the village of Zahara de los Atunes, in the province of Cadiz. Dozens of invaders pour out of the craft and scramble ashore, jumping into the shallow waters even before the boat has been pulled up onto the sand.

Local newspaper Diario De Cadiz reports that many of those on board quickly changed their clothing to evade the police, who carried out searches to apprehend the suspected illegal migrants. Many of the group were picked up in vehicles after landing. Those driving the vehicles could potentially face human trafficking charges if caught.


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  1. Mosques need to be seen, not as churches, but as tactical beacheads in advance of an invasion!…That cannot be seen in any other way!..Even with the deceptive pr of showing children playing and all those “trappings of civilization”. Make no mistake there is no good way for the situations to turn out.. There is no good side to islam! Even the so-called moderates simply havent been turned….YET to the vicious character of homocidal islam. It;’s only a matter of time.

  2. Spaniards snatching their kids up for safety from the African invaders, who are making a run for the European welfare life.
    These African Muslums have also grown tired of raping the African women. Now they can rape the European white women!

  3. Public acknowledgement of this as an INVASION and an ACT OF WAR is required!! Not only in Spain, but in all of Europe.

    Primitive or not, these invaders are arming themselves to breach another country’s borders. Once they arm themselves, they are no longer refugees, if ever they were. Shoot to kill!

    Europeans have allowed this to progress to the point that there is no remaining viable option. Kill a few and they’ll forget about coming in. If they don’t, kill them all. Your countries and your families are at stake. WTF is wrong with people? Spain drove out the hoardes of mohammedans before. Arm your border guards and soldiers and make it clear that you mean business. No more tear gas or water cannons!LEAD!!!

    The only thing that these parasites understand is force! MAN UP!!!

  4. The days of Spanish women being gang raped to death like in Sweden are not far away courtesy of globalist islamophiles like Alexander , George Soros , Merkel and other soulless traffickers.

  5. Swarming like vermin. Islam is so good theyre fleeing their rotten hell holes to get away from the conditions theyve created for themselves and seeking to destroy everywhere else they darken with their presence. Looks like the Europeans will have to reman those old WWII bunkers again. First the Nazi invasion now the muslim one

  6. The innocent people of the world face: theft, robberies, rape, assault, murder, destruction of their culture, religion and heritage and ultimately their total extinction!!!!!

    And those responsible for these crimes might face… refugee status, assylum, free housing, wellfair benefits better than the actual citizens get, or maybe potential criminal charges if arrested at all, or maybe deportation at the worst or maybe a jail term of a few years/months!!!

    And “WE” think that things will improve and “WE” will win the battle to survive in this way???

    If this goes on in this way, islam will surely dominate the entire world much much sooner than even muslims predicted!!! They never expected such patheticly weak enemy and such little resistance!!!! Europe will be islam’s easiest victory ever!!!!

  7. I don’t know why they were “stunned”. Africans have been storming the beaches of Southern Europe for quite a while now on a regular basis, it happens almost every day. They should feel outraged the government of Spain and the governments of Europe and the E.U. government in Brussels allow Africans to storm the beaches of Southern Europe pretty much on a daily basis. But to feel “stunned” is ridiculous, considering Africans have been storming the beaches of Spain and Southern Europe on a regular basis for a long time now. To feel “stunned” suggests they don’t even know what’s going on in Europe concerning the invasion of Europe by Africans, with the complete approval of the governments of Europe and the central E.U. government in Brussels.