Local NYC TV news station interviews two Muslim bagheads who fear that their lives are in danger living in NYC

The first one they interview is Dhabah (Debbie) Almontaser who was forced to resign her job as principal of Khalil Gibran, an Arab Muslim public jihad school (madrassa) in Brooklyn, for promoting T-shirts that read “Intifada NYC.Initifada stands for the Muslim uprisings in Israel whose main goal is to kill Jews and turn the Jewish State into an Islamic state.

The T-shirts were created by Awaam.org, sponsored by the  Yemeni American Association, whose founder and  board member is Debbie Almontaser. On Almontaser’s watch, the Awaam organization promoted and sold these ‘Intifada NYC’ T-shirts to young girls in the city that suffered the 9-11 Muslim terrorist attacks and has the largest Jewish population in the country. Following massive protests by New Yorkers, she was forced to resign as school principal  for advocating  Intifada.

The second one (above), designated terrorist group CAIR-NY Director Afaf Nasher, engages in the usual CAIR pity party, citing the George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center statistic about an alleged huge rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes. What she doesn’t say is that at least half of all so-called ‘hate’ crimes against Muslims are name-calling and graffiti, virtually no physical harm, unless you consider pulling or tugging on a headbag  as physcial harm.

Don’t expect her to mention all the anti-Muslim hate crimes that turn out to be fake (made up) or perpetrated by Muslims themselves to get media sympathy. And this has-been reporter here, Ernie Asnastas, gives her exactly what she wants.