YES! Something definitely “is” rotten in the state of Denmark

We are seeing little Danish girls on TV promoting the wearing of oppressive burqas as if it’s a new fashion statement. Even worse, they are promoting a new “Hug a Jihadi” program in an attempt to to combat/prevent Islamic radicalization among Muslims in Denmark.

Fox News Insider Denmark has a new idea for how to de-radicalize jihadists and put an end to terror attacks: kindness. That’s right—in Aarhus, Denmark, police set up a program that’s being referred to as “hug a jihadi” to change the hearts and minds of would-be terrorists. 

The authorities envision accomplishing this by engaging the potential Islamic extremists and treating them with kindness instead of as criminals and outcasts. 

“Dateline” reporter Evan Williams spoke with a man using the alias Jamal, who said he was so disenfranchised and angry with society he was considering leaving Denmark and becoming a terrorist. When he began speaking with someone from the “hug a jihadi” program, he began to open up about the unique difficulties of being a Muslim in Denmark. “All it took was someone to reach out and offer empathy and understanding,” Williams wrote.

Dr. James Mitchell (below), the man who personally interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, thinks Denmark’s “hug a jihadi” program is extremely naive and dangerous.

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