PARIS CAR JIHAD? Car rams into pizza shop, kills one young girl, injures several, cops quickly rule out terrorism

A car has ploughed into the outdoor terrace of a pizzeria in the small town of Sept-Sorts east of Paris, killing a 12-year-old girl and injuring as many as 13 others, four seriously.

ABC  The (Muslim?) driver deliberately targeted the diners, said a local prosecutor who announced he was ruling out terrorism and opening a murder investigation. (What’s the driver’s name?) “There is no doubt that he voluntarily decided to create what happened,” prosecutor Eric de Valroger said at the scene of the incident.

The 39-year-old male driver of the car, who has since been arrested, is believed to have intentionally crashed into the pizzeria’s terrace area on Rue du Commerce, Sept-Sorts. (What’s his name?) Mr de Valroger said it was “highly probable” he was under the influence of drugs.

The SUN  The driver was driving a dark-coloured BMW and crashed into the terrace of the bustling restaurant where families were enjoying dinner. The younger brother of the schoolgirl who died was among at least 12 people wounded in the terrifying assault this evening.

Police have confirmed the suspect, who was detained soon after the crash, “deliberately” attacked the eatery with his vehicle. The man was reportedly not known to cops or French intelligence services and is said to have acted alone. A local official from the Seine-et-Marne prefecture declined to comment on the crash, but another said: “It can not be an accident because there are no traces of braking.”

According to RTL Radio, the driver told police he wanted to kill himself and claimed he had weapons in the car. France’s Interior Ministry said the attack is not believed linked to terrorism. (What’s his name?)

The attack occurred less than a week after an Algerian MUSLIM national was arrested on suspicion of deliberately ramming a hire car into a group of soldiers on a patrol in a Parisian suburb, injuring six. A little over a year ago, a Muslim rammed his truck into a celebrating crowd in the French city of Nice, leaving 86 people dead.