YOUNG ITALIAN MAN beaten to death by 3 Chechen ‘Muslim’ savages in Barcelona…NOT 3 Russians as the media want you to believe

This is the fake news headline found on the BBC website: “RUSSIANS held over Italian man’s death at Lloret de Mar nightclub.”

VOX News  (h/t Barbara R) The three Chechen* Muslims – not Russians as reported by the media of mass distraction – who were in a Spanish nightclub in Barcelona, murdered the 22-year-old Niccolò Ciatti (photo below). Chechnya is one of the large Muslim territories in the Russian Federation but they do not consider themselves Russians. The Boston bombers were Chechen Muslims and nobody called them Russians.

The three Chechens, 20, 24, and 26 years are accused of having brutally attacked and killed Niccolò Ciatti. The young man from Scandicci (Florence) was beaten to death in Lloret de Mar, near Barcelona. Spanish investigators are rebuilding what happened Friday night, thanks also to the surveillance cameras images.  His grieving father said, they treated my son like garbage, even a dog does not deserve such a horrific end.

BBC  Three Russian Chechen MUSLIM men in their twenties have been detained on suspicion of beating to death a young Italian in the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar. Niccolò Ciatti, 22, was knocked to the ground and footage circulating on Spanish media showed a man kicking him in the head. He died later in hospital.

Ciatti, who lived near Florence, had been on holiday with friends at Lloret de Mar and went to the St Trop nightclub on Friday night. One of his friends told Italian media that his attackers had targeted him and the kick had left him unconscious. “They were like animals,” he said. He complained that bystanders did nothing to intervene but stood around filming the attack on their mobile phones.

According to Spanish media, the Russian MUSLIM suspects had been living in France illegally where they had sought asylum.