Has Germany’s 4th estate (journalism) turned into the 4th Reich?

From a bedrock of freedom to a tool of totalitarianism, the Fourth Estate journalists are behaving more like indentured servants of the Fourth Reich. Germans have lost all faith in their “lying” media, with good reason. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their deep mistrust of refugee crisis media coverage.

“Mendacious swine journals” reads this sign held by a German protester:

Speigel  According to a recent survey by the Allensbach Institute, a respected German polling firm, only a quarter of Germans believe that the media paint a correct picture of the level of education and share of women and children among incoming refugees.

 Those who verbally abuse journalists no longer seem to be in the minority. A more rancorous and aggressive tone is also spreading in Internet forums and letters to the editor. The problem is that rage is turning into hate, and hate into violence. The anti-Islamization PEGIDA movement (below) protests against the “lying press.”

Take Uwe Ostertag, for instance, a man who berates journalists on the Internet, calling them “blindly obedient hacks” and “dogs” that should be “beaten,” “thrown into a sack” and “drowned in a pond.” He refers to them as “rats,” “zombies” and “cockroaches,” to be “destroyed by the exterminator.”

German Vice Chancellor berates the German people for protesting against the Muslim invasion

In a poll conducted for North Rhine-Westphalia public broadcaster WDR in late October, more than 40 percent agreed with the statement that the state and the government influence reporting. And one in five respondents felt the term “lying press” was justified.

Journalist Claudia Zimmermann (video below) said she fell out of grace with the bosses of WRD, which is part of the ARD group of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters, after she revealed the pressure on the employees to refrain from criticism of German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel controversial “open door” policy towards migrants.

“We are a public broadcaster, we are paid with tax money and that means we interpret the government’s view and not that of the opposition,” Zimmermann said in an interview to Dutch radio station L1 Limburg, adding that it was expected from WRD to cover Merkel’s migrant policy “in a more positive way.”

“There are various committees that determine the program policies, which instructed the editors to support the Merkel government policy,” she said.