MINNESOTASTAN: Designated terrorist group CAIR demands that a man accused of throwing a pig’s foot at Somali Muslims be charged with a hate crime

Somali Muslim peddlers have accused an American citizen of cursing and throwing a pig’s foot at them while they were selling junk at a farmers market in West-central Minnesota. The accused military veteran denies much of what is being alleged by the Muslim mob, but voiced his disgust at the Somali Muslim infestation of his state.

Star Tribune  Joe F. Fernkes, 61, of Willmar, has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for allegedly cursing at Somali Muslims selling junk in a farmer’s market and throwing a pig’s foot at them, which he denies. The encounter has prompted the state’s largest designated Muslim terrorist organization to demand that Fernkes be charged with a hate crime.

Noting in a statement that Muslims are prohibited from consuming pork products and “bigots often use pigs or pork to offend Muslim sensibilities,” Hamas-linked CAIR said police and Somalis in Willmar are alleging that Fernkes “cursed Islam’s paedophile prophet Mohammed and threw a pig’s foot at a group of Somali Muslims” at the market.

CAIR-MN civil rights director Amir Malik said that “if you curse a person’s faith and then throw an object clearly designed to offend and intimidate, you should be charged with a hate crime.”

Fernkes contested some of the allegations against him, telling the Star Tribune that he merely approached the table in his wheelchair, set the frozen pig’s foot down and “didn’t say one word.

He said other Somalis nearby started taking videos of him.

What Fernkes, who served six years in the Air Force and the Army, did not deny is his frustration with Muslim immigrants from Somalia “taking over the whole damn town,” he said. “ … There are so many people who dislike them but won’t speak up.”

Somali Muslim migrants have been terrorizing American citizens in more than one Minnesota town:

Somali Muslim students at Willmar High School are the reason there is always a police presence there: