MINNESOTASTAN: Muslim supremacist woman running for Congress alleges she has received online threats

Designated terrorist group CAIR today called on the FBI to investigate an online threat to shoot Mustafa, who announced her candidacy for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District earlier this month.

Post Bulletin  The threat was posted two days ago as a comment on a YouTube video from last year featuring Mustafa. The comment stated (grammatical errors maintained): “tell regina she is lower then a jewishh wh**** used tampon she will be shot…”

Mustafa has filed a report with the Rochester Police Department.

“In the light of national events, what this past weekend (in Charlottesville, Va.) has showed us is that we must take the threats very seriously,” she said today, adding that she’s no stranger to receiving hate mail and “borderline” threats through her work with the Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam.

While expressing gratitude to the local authorities and Hamas-linked CAIR for responding to the threat, it “does nothing but propel me forward.

“I believe my voice … of religious, spiritual, cultural, ethnic background, is desperately needed,” Mustafa said. “I want to show Southern Minnesota that I take everybody’s concerns equally. And I think my voice of reason is desperately needed in southern Minnesota and also at the national level — that’s what this Congressional seat offers.”

Rochester Police Capt. John Sherwin said he received the report Tuesday. His department will speak to the man who posted the video, and will try to track down the person who wrote the comment. “The name used (on the comment) is very general,” he said. “We’ll investigate and see where it takes us.”