AUSTRALIA: Senator Pauline Hanson upsets chamber by walking in wearing a full burqa

Dressed as a pathetic, oppressed Muslim woman, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson used the occasion to call for a federal ban on the burqa. Senate President Stephen Parry assured the members that she had lifted her headbag so her identity could be confirmed.

UPDATE: Hanson says her identity was NOT checked by security

9NEWS  (h/t Colin W) Controversial Pauline Hanson prompted gasps and was accused of “ridiculing” the Muslim death cult posing as a faith.

Senators were visibly shocked when Senator Hanson entered the chamber, with one heard asking, “what on earth?” The stunt drew anger from the opposition benches, with Derryn Hinch questioning whether Senator Hanson could remain in the chamber. “I understand that she is not a Muslim, not of Islamic faith. Can I appear tomorrow in fancy dress unchallenged?” he asked the president.

After removing the offensive black shroud, she questioned Senator Brandis: “In light of our national security of this nation, will you work to ban the burqa in Australia?”

“In light of what is happening with national security, there have been 13 foiled national threats against us with terrorism, three that have been successful and Australians have lost their lives.

“Terrorism is a true threat to our country and Australians are very much in fear of it.”

MUSLIM-sympathizer Senator Brandis launched a fierce attack on Senator Hanson for the “appalling” stunt, earning him a standing ovation from the far left Labor and the Greens.