ITALY: Illegal alien Muslim invaders from all around Africa who are demanding “refugee” status, get into a brawl with police

Amazing how these Muslim freeloader wannabes, NOT immigrants, NOT refugees, feel so entitled.

Vlad Tepesblog

These scenes are becoming regular events, especially in southern Italy, which is being forced by the EU globalists to admit hundreds of thousands of Muslim lowlifes in boats pretending to be refugees.

ITALY: 350 illegal alien Muslim invaders from Africa have trashed a former 5-star hotel in which they were housed

So, how’s the tourist business in southern Italy these days?

ITALY: Illegal alien Muslim invaders squatting in the road refuse to leave unless they get what they want

ITALY: “It’s not our city anymore, our women can’t walk outside alone, tourists stay away, businesses fail”

IN ITALY, former luxury beach resorts are being turned into migrant camps for illegal alien Muslim invaders

ITALY vows to stop the illegal alien Muslim invasion even if it has to start sinking the human trafficker boats

“Cultural enrichment” in the streets of Italy made possible by the Muslim invasion

Could Italy soon be facing a civil war between angry locals and the massive infestation of illegal alien Muslim invaders?