POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ON STEROIDS: What social media is doing to pretend the Muslim terrorist attacks in Spain never happened

After the latest savage Islamic terror attacks in Spain which slaughtered 14 and wounded at least 100, people have been criticized for sharing graphic images of the victims from Las Ramblas and Cambrils on social media.

So, are they putting up images like this instead?

NO…they are putting up photos like this to make them feel good and forget about the all evil that Muslims have brought with them to the West.

BBC (h/t Larry A) Police tweeted asking users to take down any distressing videos and pictures taken after a van drove into crowds of people in Barcelona.  But other Twitter users have found a more inventive way to spread the message. They’ve turned to pictures and gifs of adorable cats and kittens.

“Out of respect for the victims and their families, please, do not share pictures of injured in collision with # Ramblas of Barcelona,” the Policia Nacional posted. Distressing images were being tweeted alongside hashtags like #Barcelona, #LasRamblas and #Cambrils.

So of course the internet’s natural response was to tweet cat pictures alongside the same hashtags. “It looks insensitive but a similar response happened in Brussels, to help hide photos/videos of police activity while it was all happening,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I love that Facebook was full of cat pictures last night posted by the Spanish people. #Barcelona,” one account tweeted.

Many of the tweets also included positive reminders about the world. It’s unclear who started the hashtag, but the result is one that’s made many Twitter users feel a bit better.