Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller smeared by fascist groups like George Soros-funded Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Carlson, who founded the Daily Caller in 2010 as a response to the far left Huffington Post, has been a leader in exposing all aspects of the “Muslim Problem” including the out of control legal and illegal Muslim invasion of Europe. But now far left extremist groups like SPLC are grouping him and his website with white supremacists.

The SPLC  list of alleged “hate groups” includes anti-Islam and pro-Christian sites like Bare Naked IslamJihad Watch, ACT for America, Alliance Defending FreedomAmerican Freedom Defense Initiative, America’s Promise MinistriesAmerican Family Association, Center for Security Policy, Family Research CouncilJewish Defense League, Oath Keepers, Traditional Values Coalition,  WorldNetDaily,  Clarion Project, Understanding the Threat, Refugee Resettlement Watch, and more.

SPLC list of alleged extremists includes Frank Gaffney Jr., David Horowitz, David YerushalmiJoseph Francis Farah (World Net Daily)Larry KlaymanLieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Ret.)Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and more.

Tucker Carlson has probably done more segments on the danger of Islamization than any other host at FOX News since he’s had his own show there since Nov. 2016.

Some of the recent smear attacks on Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller even include white supremacist allegations by SPLC” daily-caller-has-white-nationalist-problem

The Southern Poverty Law Center is exposed in the Whistleblower issue “THE HATE RACKET: How one group fools government into equating Christians and conservatives with Klansmen and Nazis – and rakes in millions doing it”

SPLC issued a report in November that compiled 867 alleged incidents of “harassment and intimidation” in the 10 days that followed the presidential election.

But many turned out to be hoaxes and most of the incidents on SPLC’s list, while deplorable if they actually happened, did not include physical violence, meaning the use of the term “attack” was misleading. Most of the incidents were uncorroborated assertions of verbal threats or racist comments that don’t appear to rise to the level of a crime, including chalking the word “Trump” on a university sidewalk and middle school students chanting “Build the wall!”

SPLC, headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, made a name for itself decades ago by fighting the Ku Klux Klan. Today, it presents itself as the nation’s premier defender of civil liberties and protector of the innocent from violent extremism. But through its highly publicized “Hatewatch” lists and “Hate Maps,” it solicits millions of dollars in donations to demonize and defame mainstream conservatives, Christians and Jews, as well as anti-Islam and counter-jihad groups by lumping them together with genuine haters such as neo-Nazi Skinheads and the Klan.

But most of them attack Carlson and the Daily Caller for anti-Muslim attacks including a Daily Caller article about the pro-sharia, pro-Hamas, jihad against Trump Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour in an article: Women’s March Organizer Recently Met Ex-Hamas Operative, Has Family Ties To Terror Group  which left wing groups called a venomous smear-job that appeared in The Daily Caller

Media Matters, also funded by George Soros and Hillary Clinton, slammed Carlson for interviewing British commentator Katie Hopkins who wrote an article claiming women in Sweden afraid to go outside alone because they are are deathly afraid of being sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants. Hopkins also tweeted a political cartoon insinuating that the media ignores numerous “Victims Of Terror” while documenting the singular “Victim Of Migration.”

From the Daily Caller, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers that if they really care about America and want to protect it from terrorism, they won’t let it become Europe. He slammed those politicians who just refuse to see the forest for the trees.

Carlson called out leaders who pretend “acts of terror are just something that happens, like the weather,” urging American leaders to address growing threats of radical Islam.

“Why is violent terrorism an inevitability in Europe now?” Carlson asked. “The answer is, what most people understand but relatively few admit, the demographics changed. There are a lot more Muslims living in Europe now.”

Carlson went on to relay to his audience a list of key statistics that shows just how bad it has gotten in Europe.

“A full 20 percent of British Muslims said they sympathized with the motives of the [London subway] bombers,” he explained. “Younger Muslims are even more enthusiastic about what had happened…in 2007, Pew found that at least 20 percent of young Muslims here in America, in France, Germany, Britain, and Spain, believe that suicide bombings could be justified.”

And what has created this dismal situation? Nothing else but untrammeled immigration into Europe from Muslim countries. Carlson noted statistic after statistic that shows that majorities of Muslims living in Europe side with jihadists, say that people who oppose Islam should be oppressed, and even who say that violence against Christians and others who don’t believe in Islam is justified.

And yet, our political leaders, “who like to boast they believe in science,” are ignoring these clear statistics that Muslims who come into western nations have no intention of adopting western ideals or obeying western laws.

Worse, our leaders are actually advocating to have MORE Muslims brought into our nations. These so-called leaders “don’t want to see the numbers, they actively suppress them,” Carlson charged.

“If you really care about America you wouldn’t want it to become Europe,” Carlson warned.

“You wouldn’t import a massive Muslim minority into your country simply because it made you feel open-minded and virtuous and hope for the best. That’s a faith-based approach and it’s nuts.”