News about the Barcelona Muslim terrorist attack overshadowed reports of Muslim terrorist attacks in Finland and Russia

Even though the Islamic State (ISIS) quickly took credit for the knife jihad attack in Russia, there was little media coverage. In the fourth major stabbing incident in the past three days, a Muslim in Russia’s Surgut attacked pedestrians using a sharp-edged knife. At least eight are reported to be injured in the knife assault. The prime suspect was subsequently gunned down by the local police.

BNI earlier post: Islamic State (ISIS) claims credit for knife jihad attack in Russia today

RT  (h/t Sara S) A 19-year-old attacker went on a stabbing spree in the Siberian city of Surgut, injuring 8 people, with four struggling for their lives, before he was killed by police. His name is reportedly Artur Gadzhiev, who comes from a family originally from the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan (predominantly Muslim area).

Telegram public channel Mash also reported that Gadzhiev’s father, Lametulakh, was known to police as an “extremist”and “supporter” of radical Islam. Mash published what it said was an actual photo of Gadzhiev, whose neat appearance and smile triggered a frenzy among social media users.

An activist, who describes himself as a journalist and a cameraman, accused the authorities of silencing the fact the assailant was sane. A madman? Seriously? Watch the video and see the man in his right mind,” he wrote, challenging authorities’ statement that the suspect might have had psychiatric disorder.

Posting a grab from one of his videos on Russia’s VKontakte (In Contact) social network, the activist alleged “this young man was employed as a security guard at a local grocery store.”

The knife attack in Surgut comes just a day after an 18-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker deliberately targeted women in a stabbing spree that left two dead in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday. He injured six other people, among them four women, before being shot in the thigh by police.

Interestingly, the stabber was initially identified by some Russian media as a 23-year-old Tajikistani national by the name of Bobichel Abdurakhmanov, the claim that soon proved false.  On Sunday, a video became available allegedly showing the stabber being chased and shot dead by a policeman. The video shows a black-clad man running along the street before collapsing to the ground.