ITALY: Venice Mayor vows that anyone who shouts “Allahu Akbar” will be gunned down

“We will send them to Allah,” says Venice Mayor who has ordered cops to shoot on sight anyone who shouts ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ rather than risk a terrorist attack.

The SUN (h/t Maria J)  Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of the tourist hot spot of Venice, revealed the order at a summer think tank and was applauded by delegates. He said: “Anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar in St Mark’s Square can expect to be gunned down by snipers within four paces.

‘’We need to increase our security when it comes to terrorism. We had four would be Muslim terrorists arrested in Venice a few months ago who wanted to blow up the Rialto bridge.

‘’They said they wanted to go and meet Allah so we will send them straight to Allah without having to throw them off the bridge, we will just shoot them.’’

Last night he added:’’I have never been politically correct, in fact I am politically correct and that’s why we also need a naval blockade against people coming into Italy from north Africa.’’

The cry “Allahu Akbar” was first used by the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century before he went into battle.

Too bad that policy didn’t exist in this plane where an Allahu-Akbar shouting raghead terrified the passengers.