LONDON: Zionist death wish

A brave young Zionist walked around anti-Israel, Muslim neighborhoods in London draped in an Israeli flag and lived to tell about it. But it would only take one Muslim with a knife to confirm what a bad idea this really is.

United with Israel  Many Jews in the diaspora, including the UK, wear baseball caps to hide their kippot (skullcaps) in public for fear of attack by Muslims. Others are too intimidated to stand up for the Jewish state when discussions bashing Israel take place. These fears have intensified with the new wave of Islamic terror and anti-Semitism.

Shadman Zaman of the Israel Advocacy Movement wanted to test the situation, wondering if Jews should really be afraid to show their identity. He draped himself in an Israeli flag and, with a hidden camera, strolled around some of the most anti-Israel neighborhoods in London. He was lucky this time.