NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #148: Sign at the front of a Muslim cashier’s line reads ‘No Alcohol Products handled here’

FURIOUS CUSTOMER calls for a boycott of all ALDI supermarkets because they put the demands of a Muslim supremacist cashier before the needs of their long-time and loyal customers.

AOL  (h/t Murray L) German discount chain has been praised for how its staff look after shoppers and combat any problems which arise. But there’s one customer who has not only vowed to boycott them, but is also urging others to do so.

Aldi customer Ethan was outraged at a polite and apologetic sign at the end of a conveyor belt which read: “No alcohol is able to be served on this till. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Tweeting his disgust, he added: “Well I won’t be shopping in Aldi anymore. everyone should retweet this.”

In response, AldiUK said:

But Ethan was not appeased by their explanation, adding: “Aldi this is absolute garbage. You are allowing this person to refuse to sell alcohol due to his religion. I will never shop in Aldi again.”

To clarify, there are a couple of reasons why a member of staff may not be serving alcohol i.e. if they’re under 18 or still in training. But in this case, it was because she is a Muslim.

Obviously, this is an accommodation of religious belief, which demonstrates a clear reduction in service in favor of upholding Islamic sharai religious dogmas. It is religious privilege in the workplace masquerading as progressivism.

But don’t think ALDI is the only chain of stores that is on its knees and bowing to Islamic law:

If the food store you shop in sells halal meat, here’s one  way to get it removed:

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