SUCCESS! In just 30 days, the ‘Defend Europe’ boat has virtually stopped NGOs and human traffickers from transporting fake Muslim refugees from Libya to Europe

KUDOS to the ‘Defend Europe’ young patriots from Generation Identity, who were able to crowdfund the boat called C-Star, in order to stop the illegal alien Muslim invasion of Europe via the Mediterranean. 

TO SUPPORT THEM, go here: Defend Europe

Until now, hundreds of illegal human traffickers have been picking up African Muslim invaders posing as refugees in Libya and transferring them to the many George Soros-funded NGO boats which pretended to be rescue boats. In actuality, they were serving as a taxi service to help Soros dump as many African Muslims as possible into Italy and points beyond into Western Europe.

With the help of Defend Europe in identifying and providing video evidence of the illegal exchange of so-called’ refugees from the traffickers’ boats onto the NGO ships, the Libyan Coast Guard has been able to stop the NGOs by warning them if they come anywhere near Libyan waters, their boats will be fired upon. As a result, Italy has been able to close many of its ports to the NGOs.


DEFEND EUROPE’s Stop-the-Muslim-Migrants ship working with the Libyan Coast Guard to chase away NGO boats picking up Muslim invaders from human traffickers

FIRST “Doctors Without Borders,” now two more bleeding heart, pro-Muslim illegal alien invader taxi boats cease operation due to crackdown by Libya

When “DEFEND EUROPE’s” anti-Muslim invasion ship arrives off Libyan coast, NGO ship headed to pick up illegal alien Muslim invaders flees

European NGOs, mainly German, are acting as taxi service for human traffickers by transporting Muslim invaders from just off the coast of Libya to Italy

The Jugend Rettet, a German NGO ‘Rescue Boat’ that was seized by Italy is one of many boats funded By George Soros

ITALY: Pro-Muslim leftists protest the ‘Defend Europe’ ship deployed to send the Muslim freeloaders back to Africa

Human trafficking NGOs in cahoots with EU leaders are smuggling African Muslims into Europe on a massive scale

MORE THAN 1200 illegal alien Muslim invaders ferried to Europe by NGO and faith-based human traffickers in 10 hours