AUSTRALIA: Hundreds of Muslim illegal alien asylum seekers will be booted off Centrelink and out of taxpayer-funded housing in major government crackdown on welfare

The federal government is moving to cut Centrelink welfare payments to hundreds of Muslim illegal asylum seekers who are temporarily in Australia to receive medical treatment. The move will slash $200-a-fortnight payments and public housing to up to 400 Muslim illegal alien asylum seekers, forcing them to work or face being sent back to Nauru, Manus Island, or preferably, their country of origin.

Daily Mail (h/t Dave T)  A Department of Immigration document said income support would cease from Monday and a ‘final departure Bridging E Visa’ would be issued, giving many just three weeks to find their own accommodation.

‘What we’re saying to these people is that until you leave, we do not want you continuing to be a burden on our welfare system,’ government minister Dan Tehan told Sky News.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said the party was seeking advice on whether the policy can be overturned when the Senate returns in a week’s time. ‘This announcement from [immigration minister] Peter Dutton is just unspeakable cruelty. We’re talking about people who are traumatized, people that are vulnerable,’ he said.

The leftie scum in Australia still want to let every Muslim freeloader in:

‘We do call on members of the crossbench and the Labor Party to support us in doing everything we can to stop this unspeakable cruel act getting through the Senate. ‘If this is a disallowable instrument, it simply requires a majority of the Senate to stop it. So the question is for Bill Shorten and Labor – will you end this cruelty?’ Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said it was a new low for the government of Malcolm Turnbull. 

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge could not confirm the precise number of asylum seekers at risk, but said there wouldn’t be any further provision of taxpayer support in Australia. Mr Tudge said the move was consistent with the principle that anybody who arrives by boat would not be settled in Australia.

‘They will be settled elsewhere. That’s what this is about,’ he said. He did not think it was unreasonable to withdraw taxpayers support if they refuse to return back to Manus or Nauru.

Advocate Natasha Blucher said the asylum seekers were ‘very, very employable’ and wanted to work. (Sure they do. NOT) But with their history of trauma and the short notice, getting on their feet in ‘this time frame is absurd and it’s impossible and it will end with children homeless.’ 

Angry Australians dressed in burqas demonstrate their disdain for Muslim fake refugees who never work and prefer to live off the taxpayers.

Centrelink was found to have been paying spousal benefits to multiple wives of Muslims in Australia:

Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer collected well over $1 million in welfare payments during his 19 years of freedom in Australia while using the money to finance his terrorist cell.