Not only is he unfit for duty, his allies in the Obama swamp make President Trump’s National Security Advisor an enemy of the state

We all thought Donald Trump would have already fired this tool of the Muslim Brotherhood already. Instead, Trump loyalists are being fired by H. R. McMaster while the Obama leftovers are still employed in National Security positions. Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, several representatives from the Brotherhood’s North American front groups including CAIR, have already met with McMaster, Chief of Staff Kelly, and others at the White House. 

Send this video and accompanying links to your Congressmen, Senators, and the President, and demand McMaster’s immediate dismissal.

Understanding the Threat


Even more reasons why President Trump needs to FIRE National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, Islam apologist, immediately!

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‘YOU’RE FIRED!” We knew that Islam-sympathizing General McMaster would never last as National Security Advisor

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