SYRIA? I’ll drink to that!

Beer, yes, BEER production returns to Syria with the opening of a $16 million brewery which plans to produce an impressive 15 million liters of the product each year. (So I guess this means ISIS is nearly gone and the rules about no alcohol allowed in Islam do not apply here?)

RT  The Aradoz Beer Factory opened in Syria’s north west coastal city of Safita and is the work of two Syrian expats living in the Czech Republic. It represents the first mass-produced domestic beer since the civil war halted production of the country’s only two brands.

“Some Syrian technicians were trained to use these machines, and now they are supervising the production process. The machines are electronic and modern in order to ensure the quality of the production and that the beer has a distinctive flavor.”

Two local brands of beer are available in Syria: Al-Shark (from Aleppo) and Barada (from Damascus).

Before the war began in Syria, there were two government-run beer factories, Barada beer in Damascus, and al-Sharq beer in Aleppo. Both stopped producing beer as a result of the the conflict. Until now, Syrians imported beer from Lebanon.

BEER IN SYRIA The production and distribution of beer is controlled by the government and most widely sold through the army’s Military Social Establishment supermarket chain and through mini markets in city centres and Christian as well as Muslim areas.