Ex-Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs says Sharia law courts SHOULD be allowed in Australia

What’s more, this ignorant leftist sees no difference between Sharia law and Catholicism. (Actually, considering the socialist/communist/Islamofascist-friendly views of Pope Francis, she might be on to something there)

Daily Mail  The former law professor likened the Islamic legal system to Catholic diktats from the Vatican. ‘There are various ways in which religious law affects the private lives of people,’ she said after sharing a stage with Iranian-born Labor senator Sam Dastyari.

Tiggs also said Sharia divorce courts should be allowed in Australia, under a system where a Muslim man can leave his wife by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times and a woman’s word is worth less than a man’s.

Triggs also slammed Senator Pauline Hanson for wearing a burqa into parliament last week. ‘It was obviously a stunt. It was one which demeans the Muslim people and it demeaned those women who choose to wear a burqa,’ she said.