LIBYA: After the Obama/Clinton/Soros-sponsored fiasco of the “Arab Spring” which brought war, ISIS, and genocide to the region, there are signs of life in Benghazi again

An Equestrian Center in Benghazi is teaching students to ride again after being shut down for three years because of fighting following Western intervention and the assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi. Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists stole many horses from Libya to use in fighting and crossing rough terrain.

 CGTN Africa  Until recently, it was too dangerous for these rising lessons to take place because the horse center was occupied by the Islamic State for three years. But since the militants were defeated by the Libyan National Army, the horse center has worked very hard to re-open.

It began welcoming students again in May this year. The center’s director, Ayman Faraj, thinks it’s a sign Benghazi is getting back to normal. “Of course people want the stability of the country and want life.

Horses symbolize life and peace,” he says. But reopening the club has not been straightforward. The horses, that were not stolen by ISIS, had not been ridden for three years and the fighting had affected them psychologically. Staff had to re-train the animals to prepare them for the routine of students and lessons again.

“For a whole month we were working on them, not to tame them, but to remind the horses again of riding,” says trainer Moftah Hassan. “When the horses are out of work for a long period, they  begin acquiring habits that can be harmful to the students.”  The club trains various age groups from the age of around 5 or 6 years-old up to 25.

In Memory of the four heroic Americans who shouldn’t have had to die in Benghazi: