MERKEL FAIL! So-called Muslim “refugees” in Germany are taking extended vacations in the countries from which they allegedly fled

So-called asylum seekers from war-torn nations including Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and registered as refugees have been heading back on ‘vacation’ to the countries from which they claim to have fled. Even worse, many are financing their trips back home with welfare payments they are continuing to receive from hard-working taxpayers in Europe.

UK Telegraph  But failed German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, insists she has no regrets over her Open Door Policy which has resulted in more than a million legal and illegal Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists posing as refugees into her country.

Harsher measures should be taken against asylum seekers if they take a holiday in their country of origin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview, in which she also said she had no regrets over her open-door refugee policy.

“Taking holidays in the country in which you are being persecuted is not good,” she said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, adding that it could be a reason to re-examine an asylum case. “I would make all of the important decisions of 2015 the same way again”, she said in the interview yesterday/Sunday.

While there is no official data on asylum seekers returning to their home countries on “holiday”, the issue has been the focus of media reports in Germany. Newspaper Die Welt first reported last year that it had uncovered cases of recogized asylum seekers who traveled to countries such as Syria and Afghanistan for a short time before returning to Germany.

Breitbart  Migrants granted leave to remain in Switzerland on the basis that they risk death in their homelands are using welfare money to fund holidays back home, the Basler Zeitung reports.

The Swiss newspaper notes that thousands of migrants each year are heading home for their holidays each year despite their having supposedly fled these same nations in fear of their lives.