SHARIA-SUPPORTING DOMESTIC JIHADIST Linda Sarsour attempts to exploit Hurricane Harvey victims by fundraising for her political pac

NOTORIOUS pro-Hamas Muslim fake ‘feminazi’ and sharia-supporter Linda Sarsour, who called for violent jihad against the Trump Administration, is back to scamming  the public again with another money grab for a political pac for organizing that is pretending to be a fundraising effort for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Gateway Pundit  This time, the national co-chair of the Woman’s March has taken to Twitter to purportedly raise funds for Hurricane Harvey victims. Or at least that’s what she wants you to believe.

Both CRTV’s Nick Short and Weekly Standard’s Jeryl Bier pointed out Sarsour is attempting to raise funds for “Muslim community organizing” efforts in the “aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.”


Below is Short calling out Sarsour on Twitter.


Imgur  But the page’s donation button doesn’t direct funds to any of the actual groups currently involved in Hurricane relief, like the Houston Food Bank, the Greater Houston Community Foundation or the Texas Diaper Bank.

Instead, the page funnels money to the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund,” a nonprofit dedicated to “advancing racial and economic justice through community and electoral organizing.”

Bier asked Sarsour if “promoting politically-charged “relief” efforts the best way to go during this disaster?”

Crickets, of course.

It does not appear that any of the “relief” fund money is going towards anything resembling essentials like food and shelter.

This isn’t the first time Linda Sarsour has been involved with shady fundraising. The bulk of the money Sarsour allegedly raised to restore a Jewish cemetery was never delivered.