Since when did the pro-Hamas, fake feminazi and sharia-supporter Linda Sarsour declare herself to be a “woman of color?”

Linda Sarsour was quickly caught and called out on social media for exploiting Hurricane Harvey to fund a Political Action Pac. Then she calls critics “White supremacists obsessed with smearing Women Of Color.” And exactly what kind of woman of color are you, Linda? Oh, that’s right, white is  color.

Daily Wire  After she was caught exploiting Hurricane Harvey to fund a leftist political group this week and was blistered by those who recognized the scam, leftist icon Linda Sarsour doubled down on Thursday, accusing those who criticized her of being “white supremacists obsessed with smearing women of color.” Even before that, Sarsour accused her critics of being members of the alt-right.

So the fact that Sarsour wanted to funnel donations to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, whose parent group is the Texas Organizing Project, an outgrowth of the leftist corrupt group ACORN, shouldn’t have been an issue because Sarsour didn’t create the leftist group, only advertising it as disaster relief? And anyone criticizing her had to be a white supremacist?

The only supremacist in this story is Linda Sarsour – a milky white Muslim supremacist.

SHARIA-SUPPORTING DOMESTIC JIHADIST Linda Sarsour attempts to exploit Hurricane Harvey victims by fundraising for her political pac

Sarsour’s doubling down elicited justifiable contempt:


This isn’t the first time Linda Sarsour has been involved with shady fundraising. The bulk of the money Sarsour allegedly raised to restore a Jewish cemetery was never delivered.