Are you inadvertently funding Islamic terrorism and extreme animal cruelty?

You could be if you are unknowlingly buying halal (Islam-certified) foods which can be anything from meat and chicken to non-food products. Stores pay a premium for halal-certification with a portion of that “tax” going to fund terrorism.

Below are the most common symbols for halal:

Certain chain restaurants, especially in the UK, and some in the US and Canada have become halal-compliant. If you aren’t sure, ask to see the manager. Products that don’t contain meat are often halal-certified and the manufacturers/stores/restaurants that sell them are all paying the halal tax to Islamic halal certifiers.

If anyone reading this is new to this site, check out the heartbreaking animal cruelty that halal-slaughtered animals must endure by scrolling down this BNI Category here called HALAL SLAUGHTER. If you’ve never seen it before, you won’t have to watch more than one of two of the videos to understand how barbaric Islamic slaughter is.

Click ZABIHAH for the world’s largest list of halal restaurants and markets to find out what to avoid in your town or city.