FRANCE: What happens when police enter Muslim NO-GO Zones around Paris

You might hear the media report that there are NO ‘No-Go Zones’ in Paris. It’s a lie, pushed by the weak French government, Muslim groups and their leftist European and American useful idiots.

French police say they can no longer protect themselves while on duty in Muslim No-Go Zones.

What happens when police cars drive into a No-Go Zone?

Police have to speed away in reverse to get away from the mob of screaming and threatening African Muslim thugs.

Police always seem to be outnumbered in Muslim No-Go-Zones.

Muslims in Paris firebomb a bus while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” No police anywhere in sight.

Muslims tie up traffic in both directions on a busy highway in Paris by setting tires on fire in the road.

“France has no-go zones where police can’t intervene and work safely,” police unions say, adding that criminals  and migrants are under no law there and attack citizens at will, unworried about any consequences.

In certain No-Go Zones in Paris, Muslim women appear to be non-existent and non-Muslim women dare not ever go.

There’s even a ‘PARIS NO-GO ZONE WARNING’ app for your phone:

FOX NEWS, under threat of lawsuits by the French Government, was forced to retract and apologize for reports they did on the No-Go Zones in Paris.