Muslim actually thinks he can battle “Islamophobia” by creating an “imam” doll

Danny Shakoj saw “Elf on the Shelf,” then spotted “Mensch on a Bench,” and wondered why there was no Islamic doll and story book. So he spent about $1,800 of his own money to produce “Adventures of Imam Adam.” (6-year-old child bride of Imam Adam soon to follow)  “We never have toys for the Islamic faith,” he said, “even though there are anywhere between four and seven million Muslims in the U.S.” (Shakoj lies. There are 3.2 million Muslims in America, NOT 4 – 7 million, thought it feels like there are)

Shakoj engaged an artist to create some prototypes for the imam doll. Since we live in a diverse area, he said, he selected a younger man with big, “blue” eyes and a brown beard wearing a taqiyah, or skullcap, and a thobe, a one-piece white tunic over blue jeans with red sneakers. He has a green backpack, which holds his green prayer shawl. 

Muslims are partial to the color green because green is associated with paradise in the Quran, (not to mention money which Muslims try to steal from corporations and institutions by filing the frivolous lawsuits accusing people of “Islamophobia”).