NETHERLANDS: Dutch Identitarian Resistance movement occupies mosque under construction to protest proliferation of more Islamic jihad indoctrination centers

A mosque still under-construction in southeastern Netherlands has come under attack by a group of patriots called ‘Identitair Verzet,’ (Identitarian Resistance), a branch of the Generation Identity movement which began in France and has spread to several countries in Europe, including Germany, Belgium, and others.

Idverzet  The group draped anti-Islam banners from the roof of the Tuhid Mosque which said “Islamists Not Welcome,” “No Mosque in Our Neighborhood,” and “No Jihad in the Street.”

On the minaret they have hoisted the Identitarian ‘Lamda’ flag. The police were present soon, but it took half past three until our roof activists were taken and taken to the police station.

Diyanet is an institution that also manages various mosques in the Netherlands and falls directly under Erdogan. All named imams are for example Turkish officials.It is known that the sermons are drawn up in Turkey and are aimed at influencing the Turkish population here. Thus, in the mosques in the Netherlands, Gu len was called on to betray the adherents to the Turkish government.

We see the presence of Diyanet mosques as a direct influence of Dutch society. We therefore urge the Dutch government to take steps against the so-called espionage mosques that fall under Diyanet. And if they do not do that, we only have to put up on follow-up actions.

Identitair Verzet works in conjunction with the ‘Defend Europe’ group using boats to stop the flood of illegal Muslim refugees being brought into Europe from Libya.

Idverzet  Every day, hundreds of economic immigrants make the crossing of Libya to European territory. They are helped by Non Government Organizations (NGOs), such as Physicians Without Borders, who pick up them up to 50 kilometers from the Libyan coastline to transfer them 600 miles further to Europe.

These organizations work together with illegal smugglers who promise African illegal invaders a safe crossing to the best welfare havens in Europe.


The Identity Movement is confronting the mess that EU is causing. We identify organizations that enable this illegal human trafficking through the Mediterranean:

  • Non Government Organizations, such as Stichting Bootvluchtteling , Sea Watch , Physicians Without Borders and Sea Eye

  • Shipowners that make ships available to NGOs, such as Vroon in Breda

These organizations are not only guilty of human trafficking, they violate international maritime law and European treaties. Any support for a crossing of economic invaders through the Mediterranean is illegal.

Identitarian Resistance Vienna delivered a spectacular show in the inner city of Vienna that featured the mock decapitation of the left-wing “Refugee Welcome” supporters.

ejbron  The scene targeted the bleeding hearts of the Left-wing Refugee Welcome gang, who personally meet and greet the illegal alien Muslim rapists and jihadists at the docks. They are shown holding their ‘Refugee Welcome’ signs as members of the Austrian Identitarian Resistance posing as ISIS jihadists grabbed them from behind and pretended to cut their heads off.

Shouts of “We will continue until our country is secured,” were heard as well as vows to secure the borders and keep the country free of Muslim illegal alien invaders posing as refugees.

The small but willful and determined group of Identitarian Resistance in Austria regularly performs provocative but effective actions. They protest the politics of open borders, and Austrian chancellor Faymann hanging onto Merkel’s coattails.

And while the folks on the Left chanted “Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here,” Sellner demanded through the loudspeaker: “Fortress Europe! Close the boundaries!”