PATHETIC! What’s with the “shmatta” (Yiddish for rag) on the head of Premier Rachel Notley of Alberta as she makes a fool of herself while groveling to Muslims?

Did she convert to Islam in the dead of night? Or does she think it’s cool to dress like an oppressed Muslim woman forced to wear a misogynistic Islamic headbag? Either way, someone should have taken that thing off her head and stuffed it into her mouth. And where did she hear that Abraham of the Old Testament had turned into a prophet of Islam? Oh, that’s right, yet another popular Muslim lie.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley delivers a greeting on Eid ul-Adha (which she can’t even pronounce) to the Muslim community and thanks the National Council of Canadian Muslims (“NCCM” – formerly known as designated terrorist group CAIR) for its vital work. If she likes Muslims so much, we have a few million in the U.S. we are ready to send up to her.

Another video of her praising Islam and its barbaric and inhumane halal slaughter  of millions of conscious animals on Eid, has been taken down from Youtube. I wonder if the streets in Alberta are running red with the blood of thousands of terrified and tortured animals for Eid?

h/t Martin