CAUTION: Muslims in the West who are celebrated as “moderates” because of their mostly liberal-sounding Western views, usually end up not being what they appear to be

When push comes to shove, so-called moderate Muslims like popular Pakistani-Canadian commentator, Tarek Fatah, will always side with their own kind.

In an excerpt from the article: “Rohingya Muslims Deserve Justice, Not Hypocrisy” in the Toronto Sun, Tarek Fatah writes:

Yet another human tragedy is unfolding where an entire population is being subjected to atrocities of the worst kind, simply for being who they are – an ethnic and religious minority. As you read this, a rag-tag column of tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar is on the march in appalling conditions, escaping a ruthless crackdown by the country’s military.

It appears Myanmar’s generals, who effectively control the government of Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, have made a decision to ethnically cleanse the last of the nearly half a million Muslims who live in the country’s northern state of Rakhine (formerly Arakan), bordering Bangladesh. {—} Read More

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