Look who showed up to hear designated terrorist group CAIR chief spokesjihadist, Nihad Awad, whine about the so-called “persecuted” Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar

At 01:52 in the video, we see a small blonde woman in a black shirt with pink lettering. That’s Medea Benjamin (photo right), the Judenrat founder of Code Pink skanks for Hamas and every other Islamic terrorist group. Apparently, she is one of only a handful of people who actually showed up. (Notice how there are no wide-angle shots in this video which mans means there was virtually nobody there)

That’s probably because the truth about the violent Rohingya Muslims is finally getting out. For anyone who is new to BNI, you can catch up on why the Buddhists of Myanmar are on a mission to drive the Rohingya Muslim back to their home country of Bangladesh, a country that doesn’t want them back either because of all the trouble they cause. Just click on this LINK and scroll down the page to see why everything Nihad Awad of CAIR says here is a lie.