AUSTRALIA: With all the media hysteria about rising anti-Muslim hate crimes, one might overlook the main target of hate crimes:

THE JEWS: The rise in anti-Semitism is directly related to the increase in mass Muslim migration. There’s something perverse about trying to reduce the risk of Islamic terror, when at the same time, you bend over backwards to accommodate the most violent, intolerant members of the community – Muslims.


Herald Sun  (h/t Sara S) Victim blaming has reached new lows when government authorities cave in to extremists and punish victims for being the targets of hate. It’s akin to the twisted thinking that forces women to cover their bodies to reduce the incidence of sexual assault.

Jews remain the biggest target of hate crimes in much of the Western world and face extreme persecution in many countries, particularly in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

There are 16 Muslim majority nations that refuse anyone with an Israeli passport entry to their country, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, Algeria and Brunei. Even more extreme is the fact that eight countries — Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Kuwait — forbid entry to anyone who has ever traveled to Israel.

Yet not a word about it from the United Nations which has the chutzpah to call Israel an “apartheid state.”

“The majority of people who are going to call you ‘dirty Jew’ in the street are Muslims, not French, at least 99 per cent of the time,” said Grand Synagogue of Paris rabbi Moshe Sebbag.

When you look at the treatment of Jews around the world, it’s easy to see why the local community was so outraged by the Bondi synagogue ban.

Australian Muslim Leader, Ismail Al-Wahwah (below), incites Muslims to wage violent jihad against Jews, “the most evil creatures Of Allah.’