PAKISTAN: Two teenage lovers who tried to elope were electrocuted by their own families in what Muslims like to describe as a justified “honor killing”

The young couple, aged 15 and 17, in the port city of Karachi were said by the Pashtun council of elders, or jirga, to have brought dishonor on the community. Each was tied to a wooden bed and electrocuted by family members.

Daily Pakistan  The 15-year-old girl had allegedly run away with her 17-year-old boyfriend last month. “The girl was killed and buried first followed by the murder of the boy the next day,” he added.

As you can see by the photos below, honor killings in Pakistan are a common practice. Most go unreported.

The couple fell foul of their families after eloping last month. But police said the man’s family persuaded them to return home so they could be married. A tribal jirga (council) then ordered the couple’s execution after the families had put their case to the influential group of elders.

“The (jirga) decided that the girl would be electrocuted by her own father and uncle and the boy by his father and uncle,” police officer Amanullah Marwat told the media, adding that the families later buried the bodies in secret.

Police have arrested the relatives behind the killings, charging them with murder and tampering with evidence.

Hundreds of women are murdered by their relatives each year after allegedly bringing shame on their families in Pakistan, often for going against their families’ wishes in matters of love and marriage.

The Aurat Foundation’s annual report of 2016 showed 7,852 cases of violence against women.

Pakistan is regarded as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman, with 2014 research finding that each day six women were kidnapped, four were murdered, four were raped and three killed themselves.