Jordanian Political Analyst claims the leader of ISIS is actually an “Israeli rabbi”

When asked by the host to provide a reliable source for this ridiculous conspiracy theory, Asad Al-Azzouni named “Mr Google” as his source. Then added, “in the world of the internet, there are no secrets anymore. Today, with a single mouse click, you can find information about anyone, anywhere.”

MEMRI  During a July 22 interview on the Jordanian Alordon Alyoom TV channel, political analyst Asad Al-Azzouni cited several conspiracy theories, saying that ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was in fact an Israeli rabbi by the name of Simon Elliot and that U.S. helicopters had been filmed transferring ISIS militants from Mosul to Hawija.

This kind of idiotic conspiracy theory is typical of ignorant Muslims who blame Israel for EVERYTHING bad that happens in the world. But when public figures do it, it turns a country like Jordan which has had a peace treaty with Israel for many years, into a laughing stock.