Orlando-style Muslim terrorist plot to attack gay nightclubs in Paris averted

“This plan of violent action” targeted “Parisian nightclubs and in particular gay clubs,” Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told a parliamentary committee examining government proposals for new anti-terror laws.

IB Times  He gave no details of the thwarted plot, but said it was among a host of others that French security forces had managed to prevent over the past eight months. “The threat remains high,” Collomb said.

He said the planned “violent action” targeted “Paris nightclubs, targeting in particular gay establishments”.

It could have repeated the horrific loss of life suffered at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people were killed by an Islamic State-inspired gunman.

Collomb gave no further details of the Paris plot, other than it was just one of 12 planned terrorist attacks foiled by French police and intelligence agencies since the beginning of the year.

“What the Islamic State terror group wants is to divide the national community and create clashes between French people. This is the trap into which we must not fall,” he said.

The mass execution of gays in Orlando, Florida was the single biggest mass execution of gays in recorded history and the biggest terror attack in America since 9/11.  All surveys of Muslims in the West show they are fanatically anti-gay. When Muslims move into an area, gays have to leave. And the national media, politicians and even the gay media do not want to speak about it.