In the aftermath of today’s Islamic terrorist attack in the London Underground, the threat level has been raised to “critical,” indicating another attack could be imminent

Military personnel will therefore replace law enforcement officers in locations that most likely would be targeted by Muslims in another attack. Of course, that could be anywhere. Have yet to hear the UK media calling the attack today a “Muslim” terrorist attack, even though ISIS has taken credit for it. I guess we can’t risk having an anti-Muslim backlash.

British officials are offended that Donald Trump alluded to the possibility that Scotland Yard already knew the identity of the terrorist…but as usual, do nothing until there is an attack. They should refer to him as “known” wolf instead of a lone wolf. British intelligence has confirmed that at least 3,000 Muslims in the country are potential terrorists. Even though hundreds of arrests have been made, terrorist attacks keep coming…as do the legal and illegal alien Muslim migrants.